Zelda is one of my favourite games! Like really one of my favourite games! It’s sooo amazing that you want to play it again, and again and again and over and over again!

So you play this guy Link! Not Zelfda. Zelda is the princess you dummies. Anyway most of you guys would probably already know what Zelda is.

Therefore let’s go to the rumors for the upcoming Zelda game. The new Legend of Zelda will be more mature than the previous ones. For instance on the GameCube, awesome but HA!

One of the biggest differences is, he will be wearing blue instead of GREEN! OMG right.[..]


My expat life in Japan is amaaaazzzziinnnggg!! But dificult at times. The language, culture and what not is very tiresome. Ah well, the moment I step into one of the thousands (!) Taito Stations in Akiba all my troubles go away.

The idea of the preparations for my expat trip still gives me the shivers. Had to do so much research, find a good international health insurance and negotiate with all the expat focused rental places. Especially for so-called GaiJins, a foreigner[…]

Mafia 3

Have any of you played Mafia 1, back in the day? No?! THEN PLAY NOW AND READ LATER.

Mafia 1 was amazing. Playing on of the wise guys, o h m y g o d . And the most fun part was, that this game was not made in the land of the brave, MURICA! No, it was made in Europe, East Europe.

And they nailed it, wow what a game. It’s on the same level as the great Mafia movies of their era. This game[…]


Ever since I got my fingers around the first Xbox controller I was playing Halo to the max. What a game, what a game, what a game! You could play up to 4 players immediately and even more over the internet or connecting another XBOX. WHAT THE HELL right.

Anyway, they made several versions and sequels later one. Even a TV show which is DEFINITELY WORTH IT! CHECK THAT OUT EVERYONE. I believe they show it on YouTube and even Netflix now, a m a z i n g.

Anway back to the game. This new game will be called HALO[…]