About ME

NOOO!!!! I’m not some Angry Game Nerd!!! I’m just, me. A nerd, who likes games, who has a laugh and yeah..a little overweight. 😀


I’m just me, you know.. I like to talk a lot.


Anway back to the games.Eeeuhm me, I mean. Let’s go back to me, ME MEME!


Thank you for visiting my little G4D! blog. Game Dating is how I call it. Every 2 nights I have a new game to review. I receive these games from friends all over the world via internet, or I go to the nearest game shop and purchase them of course. My collection is Huuuuugge! And I’m proud of it.


When I young I couldn’t decided what I liked better, games or movies. BUT NOW I KNOW! It’s games, for sure.


My dream is to go to E3..that’s my dream and I want to go there ssoooooo badly, maybe one day. One day I will around there on that holy ground of E3!