Ever since I got my fingers around the first Xbox controller I was playing Halo to the max. What a game, what a game, what a game! You could play up to 4 players immediately and even more over the internet or connecting another XBOX. WHAT THE HELL right.


Anyway, they made several versions and sequels later one. Even a TV show which is DEFINITELY WORTH IT! CHECK THAT OUT EVERYONE. I believe they show it on YouTube and even Netflix now, a m a z i n g.


Anway back to the game. This new game will be called HALO WARS. And it is way different then the normal Halo you would expect. It’s like the C&C games, WHAT? You don’t know what C&C is? Well, let me tell you Noob, that is Command and Concuer!


The game images look amazing and I can’t hardly wait till the time is there!


More on the consoles next time and an in-depth interview with myself about myself! A M A Z I N G! Stay tuned!