Mafia 3

Have any of you played Mafia 1, back in the day? No?! THEN PLAY NOW AND READ LATER.


Mafia 1 was amazing. Playing on of the wise guys, o h  m y  g  o d . And the most fun part was, that this game was not made in the land of the brave, MURICA! No, it was made in Europe, East Europe.


And they nailed it, wow what a game. It’s on the same level as the great Mafia movies of their era. This game is above and beyond.


Annnnywaaaay back to the present. I heard rumors of Mafia 3 coming out. And you guessed it, it’s coming closer to our present time. This game plays during the Vietnam war and then the mafia which is happening in our home country. Great right!


Can’t wait to see what they will come up with for the game. Staaaaay tuned!